By: Kevin Sexton

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Created on the 2013-08-02 17:27:32

We draw fans deep into the buzz of grassroots matches with a carefully designed app fueled by you ..our mob. Tap your screen to play your part. Add to the crowd-sourced match commentary as action plays out on the pitch. Tag match events - Follow live updates - Rate mob shouts - Vote for Man of the Match. Make your voice heard. It’s free. Simply use your smartphone... from anywhere in the world


About the Project

Mobstats is a game-changer

In a matter of minutes your local team has a personalised app, a virtual home. No set-up costs, no upper-limit. Enter multiple teams for your club. Add an entire squad, field players and handle substitutions dynamically. Open 2-way dialogue to engage fans. Encourage top influencers & reward loyalty. Tap into the passion of your (global) fan base and grow. Intimate communication with your top influencers has never been so easy. Mobstats brings grassroots teams the tools once available only to elite clubs. We empower fans to:

-  shout opinions

-  influence management decisions

-  tag & track match events and commentary

-  interact with fellow supporters

-  vote for man of the match

-  get rewarded for loyalty

-  explore player profiles



The impact of digital technologies in all aspects of life is increasing at a remarkable pace. Pro teams globally are adding value and growing revenue via digital innovation and tfhis is the next challenge for amateur clubs. Mobstats is a crowd-sourcing platform that gifts valuable tools to cash-strapped clubs. We exploit the passion of fans converting it to quantifiable value. Fans’ are tasked with a role that is fun, easy and focussed on players, match, supporters & Top 100 influencers.

Passion: Capitalise on this large grassroots resource

Analytics Data: Stats on live fan behaviour

Sponsorship: Makes clubs a more attractive sponsorship prospect

Revenue: Increase revenue for clubs with more engaged fans

Merchandising: Captive audience for offers after every match 

Adaptable: Solution works for any sport


Social & Cultural value

Grassroots sport in Ireland is suffering greatly from the emigration epidemic and the celtic tiger hangover. The digital revolution can be exploited to solve problems for the good of society. Mobstats has the capacity to play a key role in that revolution.

Connecting: immersing scattered fans in the atmosphere of the home crowd

Analysis: helps develop skilled teams to a higher level

Spotting talent: Ensuring emerging star players get noticed

Second-screen: leveraging our digital TV partnerships we expand beyond stadium capacity

Hype: generates increased hype and support around grassroots matches.

Resourcing 3rd parties: other entrepreneurs build their own businesses around our stats



Mobstats is strategically focused on needs uncovered through dialogue with users - both fans, club & sponsors. We are user-centric and excited by solutions that bring added value to society. We operate lean business principle and are building sustainable business models that guarantee our future viability. We are a balance of pragmatism and obsessive attention to detail: we engage repeatedly with users, test incremental iterations and refine before releasing additional features. We are determined our users will have a wonderful experience. Simplicity & design are key.

Alumni: we are alumni of NDRC Launchpad, voted No.1 university accelerator in the world

Skilled: we are skilled in brand building, software development, engineering, data & marketing

Success: repeated public trials in autumn 2012 on national level games, validating fan engagement

Q1 2013: completed complex back-end development built for global scale

Q2 2013: we trialled with university sports academies

Q3 2013: we have been building strategic partnerships, our UX design and working with hand-picked teams



Gary Leyden (Director NDRC Launchpad), David Passmore (Dublin City University, High Performance Director IHA), Dr. Nigel Dobson (Director Sports Ulster University).

We collaborate & have relationships with a range of organisations including: National Digital Research Centre (NDRC), Irish Rugby Union Players Association (IRUPA), Digital TV plus high performance & sports schools eg. Dublin City University (DCU) & Ulster University.