Irish Food Heritage Project

By: Emmett Court

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Created on the 2013-08-03 11:50:02

IFHP is a multifaceted award winning food heritage initiative which seeks to promote the North West as a cultural culinary tourism destination and drive inward investment into the Irish agri-food industry using a range of food heritage revival products/services, including: Guided tours, Education projects, Exhibition trailer, catering services, publication, app, TV programming and website



About the Project

The Irish Food Heritage Project (IFHP) is a multi-disciplinary award winning venture created and developed by Irish chef and teacher Emmett McCourt. IFHP showcases Ireland as a food tourism destination to the world. Not only is our food amongst the best in the world, our food heritage connects people and places across the globe and provides a non contentious, common link, in a modern era with its new challenges, socially and economically.  

IFHP promotes Internationalisation of talent by drawing gifted food artisans and resources back to Ireland; exposing Irish talent to International Markets through Food Heritage and showcasing creative industries to develop an Irish image of Food and brand. IFHP is a joyous celebration of our Culinary Heritage. This Project will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come in telling the strong story of Irish Food Heritage.

The IFHP offers a window into the past concerning the history of Irish food and consists of several main elements:

  • The production of a definitive record of Irish food heritage via traditional publication "Feast or Famine" and digital Ebook/App version.
  • The promotion of the local agri-food industry – via publication content, onsite demonstration, online presence, trade-fairs or live events.
  • The creation of a series of Food Heritage Trails comprising day trips or tours to destinations with accompanying guide to sample local cuisine and enjoy reminiscence of the culinary tradition.
  • The development of a food heritage product for distribution worldwide (ie local food produce hampers & Heritage signature dishes).
  • Live catering demonstrations using a traditional custom-made hearth and implements or commercial catering contracts based on the principles of food heritage.
  • Development of radio/TV series with guest chefs and other celebrities.
  • Overall development of the food heritage brand in tandem with new and innovative products and services to emerge from future marketing campaigns and R&D.


This is a new project/Initiative that has been building interest of the culinary history of Ireland.

The IFHP is a Joyous celebration of our culinary heritage, A Food heritage which unites us all, in a neutral and positive way. Resources which are invested into IFHP will have long term benefits to the regions and the country as a whole.

There has been a growing interest in culinary history and gastronomy in the last three decades. It is increasingly accepted that a better understanding of culinary history enriches all stakeholders including consumers, food technologists, chefs, food-service entrepreneurs, culinary arts educators, tourists as well as culinary students, food-developers, local food producers and suppliers. Many commodities and food products (for example: Parma Ham, Stilton Cheese, Tabasco Sauce) are marketed today by highlighting their historical pedigree and culinary heritage. As our heritage brands become more desirable eg Armagh apples, Comber potatoes, and most recently Lumper Potatoes etc - along with the current trend for serving heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables and meat from rare-breed animals - it has been proved that a competitive advantage can be gained from a wider understanding of culinary history. This project offers a window into the past concerning the history of regional Irish food. It also builds positive community relations, conveying the story of cultures through food heritage while renewing the passion and belief in local produce. This poject also connects people and places throughout the world and forges a positive united Identity through food provenance. The IFHP also charts the journey of Irish food and how this impacted on other nations. The IFHP has a strong message to tell the world, one in which enriches all audiences.

IFHP also builds positive community relations, conveying the story of Irish food cultures through our shared food heritage.