Charlie Gorman's Wake

By: Paul Pender

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Created on the 2013-08-01 15:00:58

"Charlie Gorman's Wake" is an independent film production written and co-directed by Dublin born playwright Paul Pender. Together with this very talented and dedicated group of actors and production team, we hope to bring this film to the screen by late January 2014. We will be entering the film in both Independent Film Festivals as well as Irish Film Festivals around the world.


About the Project


"Charlie Gorman's Wake" is a full length feature film adapted from a play of the same name which I wrote in 2012 and which was staged in January 2013. It is a romantic and sometimes tragic comedy set in County Kildare. The story centres around the relationship of Kildare pub owner Ossie Gorman and his American born girlfriend whose family are originally from Kildare and also the friendships among the regular patrons of Gorman's Pub. Charlie Gorman is an everyday barfly who is there at opening time and leaves at closing time. He is a "harmless" yet slightly annoying character who despite his shortcomings is greatly loved by the regulars and is treated as one of their own. It is a heartwarming and slightly irreverent look at everyday life in a country bar whose patrons are relentlessly funny and always entertaining. I think, having worked in a Kildare bar and drank in many myself,  the film will show how enriching the Irish Pub culture is to the lives of those who are part of it and why it is a culture that needs to be nurtured and not let disappear. I think that my target audience are both people who have experienced the pubs of Ireland and also the potential visitor from anywhere who wants to experience it.

This film is wholly independent and boasts a cast of experienced stage actors - most of whom are Irish emigrants. The actors were also part of the stage production of the play "Charlie Gorman's Wake" which was very successfully staged in January 2013. All the cast and crew are working for nothing but the love of the project itself and a firm belief that it is a truly worthwhile venture that will bring a lot of laughs and enjoyment to those who will see it.

We have a website - - where you can view our promotional video shot on location as well as interviews with the Directors and Actors describing the film and how we are trying to fund it. Please check it out and hopefully you will want to give us your vote.

Thank you. Paul Pender, writer and director.